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【Illust Name】

The boy who flies in the sky

I want to fly freely in the sky. It is a dream (romance) that mankind has longed for since ancient times, isn’t it? Athana, you can jump, but you can’t fly! It’s not too early to give up! Believe me, I CAN FLY!

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Free material collection of commercially available illustrations What is Illustration World?

I often experienced "I want to make a leaflet but I can't design it" and "I want to make an easy-to-understand explanatory material but I can't draw a picture". Many people gave up because they didn't have a "sense of design and illustration" even after listening to the stories around them. I thought that if such people could use the illustrations of various situations for free, various possibilities such as promotion of their company and publicity of their activities would expand, so I created the illustration world. We hope that you can use the illustrations to help your activities.