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Pumpkin illustration

It is an illustration of pumpkin, which is a general term for vines of the genus Squash in the family Cucurbitaceae. Pumpkin is written in Chinese characters as “Nango”, and in Japan, when the Portuguese drifted to Tanegashima during the Warring States period, the ones brought from Cambodia along with the guns spread and became established in Japan.

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I often experienced "I want to make a leaflet but I can't design it" and "I want to make an easy-to-understand explanatory material but I can't draw a picture". Many people gave up because they didn't have a "sense of design and illustration" even after listening to the stories around them. I thought that if such people could use the illustrations of various situations for free, various possibilities such as promotion of their company and publicity of their activities would expand, so I created the illustration world. We hope that you can use the illustrations to help your activities.